Adolescent aggression leading to social media and physical bullying

Adolescent aggression leading to social media and physical bullying
Choose a topic in social psychology that you would like to explore in your research paper. You will examine the history of the topic, the application to other fields, connection to ethical behavior, social context, and a self-reflection.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Topic Evolution
a. Assess the history of the development of the chosen topic [PSY.257.3] b. Examine the future direction of the chosen topic in regard to the field of social psychology
2. Social Psychology Topic Analysis
a. Provide a well-supported analysis of your understanding of the topic
b. Evaluate the role of the topic in social psychology and how it is applied to other fields of study
3. Ethics
a. What role does ethical behavior play in the chosen topic?
4. Awareness
a. How does knowing more about the chosen topic in the field of social psychology bring an increased awareness of self?
b. How does comprehending major concepts about the chosen topic in social psychology influence one’s understanding of others?
It is recommended that issues be addressed in the following order in the paper: (1) History of Development, (2) Social Psychology Topic Analysis, (3) Ethics, (4) Awareness, and (5) Future Direction.
Articles to be used
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