Development of a science learning and teaching unit

This Assignment has two parts:

Literature review (500 words)
Unit Portfolio (2500 words)
You are to produce a Unit Portfolio and Literature review that contains details how one may teach a topic from any Year level from Years 7-10 of the National Curriculum (Science).


The topic must address each of the of the three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills, specified in the National Curriculum to be taught in a four to five week teaching and learning sequence. Assume there are three lessons per week, one single and one double lesson.

Part A: Literature review

You are to review the literature as it relates to two themes:

Research on students’ understanding and learning of the key ideas that underpin your chosen topic (250 words)
The implications of the research findings for the teaching the topic (250 words)
Write about the same amount of words for each theme.

The literature review will inform the production of the Unit Portfolio and needs to be completed first. The literature review should be around 500 words. Two online resources that may get you started on this task include:

Bibliography – Students’ and Teachers’ Conceptions and Science Education (STCSE) This bibliography attempts to document research on teaching and learning science with a certain emphasis on research from constructivist perspectives. The role of various students’ and teachers’ conceptions in the teaching and learning process is given particular The bibliography includes about 8400 entries.
AAS Science Assessment This website list key ideas/misconceptions and related research for a variety of science topics.

Part B: Unit Portfolio

Your Unit Portfolio will consist of a topic planning document, resources and student work samples to teach your chosen topic.

Topic Planning Document

The topic planning document needs to include:

Rationale for teaching/learning the topic (what reasons are there for students to learn this topic?);
Relevant curriculum statements from the National Science Curriculum (what elements of this curriculum are relevant to your 4/5 week teaching and learning sequence?). Each of the three strands (Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills) need to be addressed;
Key concepts and process skills to be learned by the students in completing the unit. Concepts need to be in sentence form. For example, rather than writing, say, “force” as the concept to be learned the concept should be written as “force is a push or pull of one object onto another”. By numbering each concept/skill you can refer to each by number in the lesson sequence outline;
Lesson sequence outline which might be best presented in tabular form in 2-4 pages (full lesson plans are not required). For each lesson, indicate what aspects of the curriculum are being addressed, key ideas/process skills, the types of activities to be undertaken, assessment, teaching strategies. Only a brief description of activities/assessment/strategies might be given in the table – full details if known will be part of appendices/overall portfolio. For example, you might undertake a ‘states of matter role play’ which is specified in the table. Details of this role play might be written up in an appendix;
Apart from addressing key ideas you also need to address process skills so your teaching and learning sequence needs to include practical activities. If safety issues are associated with a practical activity these need to be outlined;
Provide a justification for the teaching strategies employed and discuss how your teaching and learning sequence addresses aspects of the e5 instructional model. Try for a variety of Examples might include: Role play, Debates, POEs, Posters, Drama/dance, Creative writing, Data logging, Model-building;
Student Assessment- Consideration should be given to formative and summative Provide details of each summative assessment task and their weighting for the unit.
Student Work Sample

A Student Work Sample (produced by you), and associated assessment rubric, that arises from the major assessment tasks expected in this Unit. For example;

Student Sample Multimedia Presentation and assessment rubric;
Experimental report and assessment rubric;
Written test and marking scheme.
For this requirement you are to describe the assessment task that would be given to a student, include a copy of the task that would be given to the student and the rubric marking scheme for the task.

Teacher Support Material

Teacher Support Material that is ICT or model-based and produced by you. You are to provide an example of support material will be used by the teaching in teaching the topic. Examples include:

Multimedia presentation that explicates some key concepts or introduces a topic and/or activity.
Quiz or questionnaire that elicits students’ pre-instructional or developing scientific

Alternatively, you can produce a teaching model, not necessarily ICT based, which explains some aspect of the physical world (for example, a model to explain the phases of the moon). You will need to explain how the model will be used in the classroom.

Unit Portfolio

You are producing a portfolio which by its very nature contains a number of elements. You need to present the elements in a coherent and logical manner.

You are quite at liberty to use material that is currently being used in schools or resources found on the internet and books. However, please note that copies of prepared material from texts and/or the internet should be appended to your unit plan.

It is hoped that the document you produce will be such as to be ready to incorporate in your science classroom.