Explore how to design a curriculum to engage a learning community.

Explore how to design a curriculum to engage a learning community.
Paper instructions:
2–3 pages; ~750 words.
Explore methods for engaging a community or family in education. Use course materials and the Internet to research and identify strategies schools use to engage communities.
You have been asked by the Board of Education to create a podcast urging the principals of local schools to engage the community. Parents have expressed interest, but administrators are unsure how to proceed. You have researched various strategies, and now it is time to present the education community with your findings. In a two- to three-page podcast script, address the following. Be sure to provide citations for any sources you used.
•Identify three challenges facing school systems with a growing minority/immigrant student enrollment.
•Identify at least three strategies that would effectively engage students and their families so they are all invested in students’ education. Describe these strategies in-depth, including what each would look like in a curriculum and how each would work to engage students effectively.
•Discuss the effects of these methods beyond those on the students in the classroom, explaining how they would also have an authentic, lasting effect on other students in the school, the students’ immediate family, and the surrounding community.