If you were the CEO of UPS, describe the Internal Assessment approach you would undertake to understand why this situation occurred

If you were the CEO of UPS, describe the Internal Assessment approach you would undertake to understand why this situation occurred and what corrective actions would have to be put in place to avoid these challenges in 2014.
Relate your response to considerations that have been introduced in the readings for this week.


Student Post 1:
If I were CEO of UPS the Internal Assessment approach I would have taken to understand the situation of demand being higher than anticipated, would be to understand the firm’s weaknesses and strengths at the current time. Information would be gathered from sections of operations and management information systems. Than perform a significant analysis of narrowing down the list of strengths and weakness in order to have successful impact in the future and to better evaluate strategies. Than the computing of a financial ratio analysis would help to reflect the specific situation during the holidays and will help to identify strengths and weaknesses as well . Also the usage of financial analysis by comparing ratios over time can help UPS’s industry to better evaluate strengths and weakness. Activity ratios and trend analysis would help USP understand how effectively the firm is using its resources and time. Looking into the growth ratio will help understand how to maintain the firms’ economic position in the growth of the economy and its industry. Another area to consider in understanding UPS’s situation during the holidays and make effective corrections would be to create a production and operations’ audit checklist. Performing an Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix will contribute to better understanding of the firm’s strengths and weakness during the holidays by further evaluation and summarization. This can provide important information for strategy formulation like hiring more personnel and expansion of equipment.

A corrective action to avoid these challenges would be implement better and further planning and to provide the market with an advance notice of a policy change for the holidays. Planning is imperative because of future increases that are occurring with online shopping and planning is the most effective way to reach desired objectives. Planning will prepare UPS to overcome unexpected demand. Along with forecasting is necessary to meet the volume of growth of shipments and environmental factors. It also essential for successful strategies, elevations, and controlling activities (David, 2013). Changing the policy for the holidays will encourage shoppers to shop earlier, help UPS better strategize and meet the consumer’s demand and improve the firm’s weak areas of anticipation. Creating a policy will help better strategizes for environmental factors and unforeseen demands. Contingencies for weather and emergencies should be in place.
Student Post 2:
The most important issue here is planning. Planning is the cornerstone of effective strategic formulation, and it enables one to avoid the trap of working extremely hard but achieving little (David, 2013, p. 101). Although UPS prepared for the busy holiday rush, they did not properly plan organize and control the activities that were consistent with reaching their goals. I would assess the entire organizational structure to make sure we do not repeat the same debacle of 2013. I would start by auditing the functions of management, the organizational structure, the lines of communication and the control mechanisms that are currently in place. After my assessment, I would: