Jamestown settlement simulation

Based upon your experience performing the Jamestown settlement simulation, briefly describe your initial attempt to settle at Jamestown. What choices did you make
regarding: 1) Location of the settlement 2) Interaction with the Powhatans 3) Composition of the workforce 4) Economic activity 5) Agricultural products Why did you
make these choices? What outcomes were achieved regarding the food supply, health, wealth and morale of the colony with these choices? Your goal was to be named
Governor of the colony. What choices (as mentioned above) did you have to make to become governor, and what were the outcomes? Describe your use of consultations
(native, charter, settler). Which of these consultations were useful? Which were not useful? Why, or why not? What do these consultations teach you about the
settlement of the actual Jamestown? Finally, the charter company was involved in colonization to make a profit. Considering that objective, based on your simulation
experiences, how would you assess the potential for success of the actual Jamestown ? Do you believe success, or failure was more probable? Were “starving times”
inevitable? Why, or why not?