SOWK 6341 Social Work Research I


Most of us have taken a survey at some point in our lives. Poorly designed surveys can be frustrating to the person taking the survey and they rarely yield meaningful information. Designing any survey takes time and careful planning. The idea is to create an instrument that gathers the desired information in a manner that is both valid and reliable and that encourages the respondent to complete the survey. Surveys that are poorly constructed run the risk of producing findings that may be misleading or downright wrong. In this discussion post you will be thinking through how to collect information from clients and/or their collaterals.


Download and read the scenario for your group topic (see the list below). Create an original discussion post where you develop a short survey consisting of 10 questions based on the scenario related to your topic. Be sure to collect relevant demographic information (not part of the 10 questions).

SOWK 6341 Social Work Research I
Discussion: Survey ­ Substance Use Treatment
You are a social worker at a substance use treatment facility for adolescents and you want to understand how
best to help the parents of the youth in treatment.
You plan to create a survey to be sent to parents.