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1) Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice Discussion
Also relate this article to my project which is creating a policy and procedure for a team of 3 nurses to allow for patient refill request to be called to pharmacy within 24 hours from receiving the request. I will upload the information I have
The Melnyk research team (2012) discussed the state of evidence-based practice in U.S. nurses. “The descriptive survey assessed the perception of evidence-based practice (EBP) among nurses in the United States (2012). Although evidence-based healthcare results in improved patient outcomes and reduced costs, nurses do not consistently implement evidence-based best practices.” (Melnyk et al., 2012, p. 410). Specifically, the results included resistance from nursing leaders that prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based practices.
Read the Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Gallagher-Ford, & Kaplan (2012) article in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Research and discuss the barriers identified, how they may relate to your project, and potential ways to overcome them during the implementation of your project.
Address potential barriers to your change project and barriers to Evidence Based Practice in general?
2) Films Media Group (2011). Research and Information Management (04:56) From Title: Doing The Job: Basic Job Skills.
Summarize above article then relate it to my change project.
150 word count