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Demonstrates a real belief in public service, focusing on what matters to the public and will best serve
their interests. Understands the expectations, changing needs and concerns of different communities,
and strives to address them. Builds public confidence by talking with people in local communities to
explore their viewpoints and break down barriers between them and the police. Understands the impact
and benefits of policing for different communities, and identifies the best way to deliver services to
them. Works in partnership with other agencies to deliver the best possible overall service to the public.
Provide/create ‘specific’ examples to questions down below Q1 – Q4. Outline contributions and also
provide evidence of the competency area (Serving the public). Formulate responses to questions that
surround the assessable core competency. Mach the core competencies in each of your responces.
Situation- explain what the situation was and who was involved.
Task – explain the task that had to be done.
Action – explain what action you took and what action others took when working towards the task. Also
explain why you took this particular course of action
Result – explain what the RESULT was following your actions. Explain what would you do differently if
the same situation arose again. It is good to be reflective at the end of your responses. This
demonstrates a level of maturity and it will also show that you are willing to learn from every
Finally, explain what the outcome or result was following your actions and those of others. Try to
demonstrate in your response that the result was positive because of the action you took.
Q1 Provide an example of where you have broken down barriers between a group of people?
Probing questions to answer within Q1
What did you learn from this experience and would you do anything differently next time?
What did the other people think about what you did? Were they happy with your work?
Tips for constructing your response
Read carefully the core competency that relates to serving public.
Try to include keywords and phrases from the core competency in your response to this
question, such as:
I tried to understand each person’s needs and concerns.”
I took steps to identify the best way that we could all work together.”
I had their best interests at heart throughout.”
I built confidence in them by talking to them.”
Focused on the customer at all times to ensure I delivered an excellent service.
I addressed the needs of the person I was dealing with.
I listened to their viewpoint.