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Read the following article about cirrhosis as an initial source of information and respond to the questions posed below. Additional resources will be necessary to complete the assignment.
Crawford, A and Harris, H (2013) Cirrhosis: A complex cascade of care. Nursing Critical Care. 8(4):26-30, July 2013.
Write a four page paper which includes a cover page (page 1), your response to the question(s) below (pages 2 & 3), and a reference page (page 4):
Describe the risk factors associated with the development of cirrhosis. Discuss how certain risk factors may be perceived as more “acceptable” than others when a person develops cirrhosis. Talk about the risk factors that are commonly associated with the stigma of this disease and how the professional nurse can have a positive impact in this situation.
How do the physiologic and psychosocial complications of cirrhosis affect a patient with this medical diagnosis? How is the family of a patient diagnosed with cirrhosis affected by the disease? Apply the nursing process to physiologic and psychosocial needs of the patient.