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1. Avoiding documentaries, comedies and parodies, choose a relatively current film
pertaining to a historical topic within the cultural area and timeframe of the course.
2. Inform the class of your choice on the Rules, Polices and Assignment Questions Board.
3. View and review. The paper has to be in a formal academic style stretching around 1,100 words.
Required Construction:
1) Bibliographic Entry ? Think of it as a label at the beginning of the essay.
? Done in the University of Chicago/Turabian Style
Title of Film. Format, Length of Film. Film Production Company, Place of
Production, Year of Production
North and South, Book 1. DVD, 561 Minutes. Warner Home Video, Burbank,
CA, 1985.
2) Information ? Most of the information for this section can be found on the back of the video/DVD. Be sure
to keep this section short.
? People ?Give a little information about the movie including the director, producer
and, at most, three of the top stars.
? Edition ? Note any special information about the film such as if it was part of a series,
based on a novel, colorized, or was a special release edition with DVD extras.
3) The Plot ? While there is a great temptation to make this section the largest portion of the paper, it must
remain short.
? Brevity ? In no more than one or two good, well-rounded paragraphs briefly retell the
plot of the film. In short, condense the main storyline into about 5-10 sentences.
4) Reality ? This is the most important part of the essay and should be the longest. How did the film match up
with history? Be specific and cite any sources. This section of the paper will require research.
? Were the characters based on real people? If so, were they portrayed accurately?
? Were there any real events portrayed? Again, how accurate was the portrayal?
? If there were no real characters or events portrayed this was probably a conscious
decision on the part of the director/producer. Why? Try to analyze the reality