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1. Analyze the intellectual life of Europe from the Early Middle Ages until 1648. Have the material in the primary sources serve as the basis for your answer.
2. Describe the religious life of Europe between 1000 and 1648 and consider its relationship to developments in social and intellectual life. How do the sources reveal this process?
3. What were the key elements of political life in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation periods? What information can you obtain from the medieval sources? How do writers of the Renaissance and Reformation deal with these elements and offer new political ideals?
4. Basing your essay on the required primary source readings, describe the cultural and social values of Europe between 700 and 1648.
Please avoid the temptation to cover too much detail in your essay. The goal of the assignment is to have you come to an independent conclusion on one topic or another on the basis of your reading about the centuries from the fall of the Roman Empire until 1648. The essential elements of European life were established during that period and you should offer your views on one of them based on your reading and the material in the lectures and the text.