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Each student will write a four- to five-page report analyzing a work of visual art or classical music. The analysis should demonstrate your ability to evaluate the work from a biblical perspective through the lens of a Christian Worldview while taking into account the work’s formal design and historical setting. This report should be documented using the APA style format and should be submitted to the dropbox on the course site prior to Class Five.
The final paper should be one not previously engaged in prior assignments, class discussions or group presentations. This paper should include the following:
A summary of the historical aspects of the artist’s or composer’s life
A detailed analysis of the techniques and styles used (with proper terminology) by the artist or composer
An aesthetic judgment of the work along with how it can be assessed in the context of a biblical worldview
An appraisal of your personal growth in assessment and evaluation of the arts—where did you begin, what did you learn and how have you changed?