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assessment 1. Analytical Essay
write 4000 word argumentative analysis of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, using feminist theory.
. you should apply Feminist analysis to Stoker’s Dracula
. first of all you should decide which kind of Feminism you want to use ( there are may : radical, liberal, materialist , French and so on )
. once you have done that you might want to think about some of the following issues
– The male author and women – listening for silence– women need a voice:
literature and history-
reconstructing an understanding of gender through literature in other words what does the text tell us about the representation of women in Stoker’s time? women as designed by sexuality; women as wives and mothers– property: women as promiscuous : the prostitute women: women as virgins– and liberation : women as defined by passion ( do any of stoker’s women fall into these categories)?
what commentary is Stoker making about women ? you could think about the new the new woman and social anxieties that she provoked.
Bill Hughes chapter on gender is helpful
assessment 2 Literature review- bibliographical exercise ( around 1000 words ) 5% + or –
relate the following question to the assignment you are submitting
1- Construct a literature review related to your assignment
2- Briefly describe the topic that you have addressed in your essay and why you chose that topic
3- Ensure that you locate yourself in an academic argument
4- Say where you went to find material ( library, database and so on)
5- More importantly say how you used this material
6- Give a list of the texts, which you used giving full bibliographical details
7- After each text give a brief summary of what it’s about and why it was useful for the essay( a sentence or two would be enough and will suffice in each case)
8- What lesson did you learn in adopting these steps in your research?
footnote is required
you should quote from the primary text which is Dracula and the other sources ( quotation mark is essential and needed ) quotation font size is 11
be sure the paper will pass all the plagiarism checkers