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Australian Beer Campaign Analysis – Multimedia Presentation
The Analysis Must be on a current/recent Australian Beer Campaign (Links provided). The Analysis should then be constructed as a Prezi, Powerpoint or other Multimedia medium.
Analysis should include and follow similarly the 5 points below.
1.Research into the product category and the product itself. Who is the market leader? Where does your product fit into the category? What needs to be considered when advertising this product (e.g. regulations, ethical considerations)? Make sure you clearly reference where your information comes from.
2.Who is the target audience? What are their age, occupations, and aspirations? Do some research into the target audience? What type of appeal is most appropriate for this target and product? What is the key insight from your research that is most important to your campaign?
3.What is the advertising strategy used in the campaign and why has this approach been used? Has the campaign has been successful? Suggest an evaluation approach.
4.An outline and analysis of campaigns creative approach (identifying the theoretical reasons why this approach was taken). What are the claims used in the campaign? What appeals have been used in the campaign? Were they appropriate and why? Has it tapped into the key target audience insights? Can you make any recommendations regarding the creative approach?
5.Provide information about the campaign’s media selection (again outlining why the media was selected). Can you make any other media recommendations?