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Based on HBO Documentary “The Loving Story” Writing must be objective research, journalistic, argumentative or analytic style. Select from the following category of prompts below to develop a thesis. These are only “suggested” categories, and can be re-shaped according to your interests. You must use at least the following 3 sources: (a) text from the course book, (b) the film, and (c) 1 (one) additional source. More sources can be used as needed. Suggested topic areas for thesis development: 1. Documenting History – How Does the documentary help the viewer understand the central issues of the Loving story? 2. The Power of Activists, Documenting History – “Leveraging or film for advocacy” 3. Explaining Constitutional Law to the Everyday person 4. Comparing Legal Issues: Interracial Marriage and Same-Sex Marriage Create your own thesis focus. Mechanics: Length: 6-7pgs. + Works Cited Sources: at least three as noted above, but you can certainly use more. Make sure to use embedded citations in your paper and to give proper credit to ALL source material that is not your own thinking or writing.