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Paper instructions:
Research paper—not an opinion essay—on a topic relevant to the American Family and which is covered in the course textbook. A detailed listing of the guidelines and requirements for the paper follow.
A minimum of 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles must be incorporated and properly cited in your paper (you may need to use more than 5 scholarly articles to properly cover the topic which you want to present in your paper). Choose articles based on original research that comes from scholarly journals.
• Popular media such as Psychology Today, U.S. News and World Report, websites, blogs, dictionaries, encyclopedias such as Encarta and Wikipedia,, or other such sites are not permitted, and must not be cited or referenced in your paper.
• Acceptable articles can be found in the APUS Online Library. However, the Online Library also houses popular publications, which cannot be used for this assignment, so you will need to select your articles carefully from only peer-reviewed, academic journals.
• If you are uncertain about your topic, publication source, or if you have questions or concerns regarding this paper, please contact me as soon as possible for guidance.