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Brief: Taking on the role of an E-Marketing consultant, develop an e-marketing plan for the brand developed in Part A of the module. The e-marketing plan must consist
Brand Name previously developed*:
Urge them to say a few words and reference in the introductory section.
Synopsis of Brand*:
Within the appendix they should include:
Explanation of product/service; positioning of the brand within selected segment ; who they are targeting; key features of the brand that adds value; This should be 1
A4 paper max 2 pages.
Name of competitor brand:
Detailed situation review of the competitive brand, including their environment (macro-factors, competitors, customers, online marketplace):
Brief definition of internet marketing and identification of characteristics.
Situation review of competitive brand: discuss their findings here – find models that help them summarise or articulate but keep their working to an Appendix where
credit will be given for working.
e.g. Macro –environment should include political, legal, technology, consumer use/online demographics/society factors, consumer adoption e-consumer behavior – only
use information that is relevant to the sector and brand e.g. does the impact of growth in mobile impact upon sector? discuss potential for growth; Gartner Hype Curve/
mobile stats?