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Write a short essay of approximately 750 words on the following topic. Be sure that you are presenting the concepts in your own words, and that you provide the reference for any relevant information found on the Internet.
Compare and contrast the potential of science in our future with the potential of past scientific discoveries.
Your word-processed assignments should follow MLA format for preparing your paper and citing sources. For guidance on various aspects of conducting research and writing research papers, consult your course tutor.
Criteria for Evaluating Assignments
Here is the set of criteria that will form the basis for evaluating this written assignment.
Substance (75 per cent)
•The paragraph provides evidence of critical thinking and analysis as well as synthesis of researched information throughout; in other words, it does not merely repeat verbatim information from a primary source.
•Information sources are relevant, current, and credible.
•The material in the paragraph is not contradictory.
•The paragraph explains the necessary aspects of the concept and provides necessary examples, support, or illustration.
Writing Style and Format (25 per cent)
•The paragraph is unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between ideas.
•Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and impact.
•The writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation, etc.).
•The format follows the MLA documentation style accurately and consistently.