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Comparing and Contrasting Poems of Controversy
Please, write a Comparison and Contrast Essay that examines two different poets from two different backgrounds exploring the theme of race relations.
You will apply at least two (2) literary elements found in both poems to illustrate your analysis of the poems. For background information on the two
poets you will be writing about,
Listen to the talk “The Danger of a single story” by Nigerian writer ChimamandaAdichie:

Watch the video clips:
“A day with Wole Soyinka” at
“Sharon Olds Speaks at the 2008 Poets Forum” at
Writing the essay:
You will use the close reading methods to illustrate and support your explication method and to gather evidence and quotes from the poems to support
your thesis in this comparison and contrast essay about two different poems expressing views on race relations.
Having read the poems:
1. “Telephone Conversation” by Wole Soyinka [Use]
2. “On the Subway” by Sharon Olds
Please, write a 600 to 800-words essaycomparing and contrasting the themes of these two poems, examining at least two (2) specific literary elements in
both poems, and ensuring you include quotes (it’svery important for my teacher)from each poem to support and illustrate the theme.