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compose an essay that addresses issues of assumptions that play an important part of the visual culture of India.
Things to consider in your essay:
Consider the reasons behind why even though the majority of the population of India today are Hindu, the monument that is most associated with India is the Taj Mahal.
Consider the costs and consequences of essentializing all Asian cultures as discussed within the context of the Namban.
Consider colonial as well as modern impositions of Europe from Company paintings to Le Corbusier’s city plans.
Define and identify the characteristics of Orientalism that are visually manifest in the artwork of Company Paintings.
❏Clear and precise context for the argument
❏Clear and complex thesis, shows a synthesis of ideas
❏Offer clear topic sentences that are clearly linked to
reason for claim
Evidence and Analysis
❏Convincing evidence used as support, provides
thorough support and explanation, careful analysis,
clearly tied to topic sentences and overall thesis
❏Specific and clear about establishing the argument,
topic sentences and paragraphs strongly linked to
thesis, organization of ideas/support is logical and
precise, demonstrates a sophisticated approach
❏Strong, based on sources, gap in research or
possible solution(s) presented
Editing and Formatting (MLA)
❏Well-written with very few errors, perfect format