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As a scholar practitioner, it is important for you to continue to use professional journals and other research sources to guide your practice. Developing the
skills to review, critically analyze, and discuss professional literature is essential for your development as a competent counselor. In some cases, counseling
scholars review and summarize the professional literature for you in order to provide a synopsis of trends, misconceptions, and promising areas for future research.
In this Discussion, you review literature reviews constructed by counseling scholars. Also, you develop a conceptual understanding of the Scholar Practitioner
Model and how professional literature plays a role in all that you do as a practicing counselor.
With these thoughts in mind:
Select an article from this week’s Learning Resources. Write a well organized synopsis of the literature that was reviewed in your selected article. Explain the
implications of the research, as represented in the literature review, to practice in the area represented.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.
Duba, J. D., Kindsvatter, A., & Lara, T. (2008). Treating infidelity: Considering narratives of attachment. The Family Journal, 16, 293–299.