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* most of the information was from previous work completed!
Based on unit readings and independent research, discuss the incorporation of ongoing curriculum evaluation. Include
1. an explanation of the importance of ongoing curriculum evaluation.
2. Why it is important.
3. Examples of both short-term and long-term evaluations for process improvement.
4. Why are both types necessary.
5. A description of how to apply evidence-based nursing concepts, theories, and best practices to improve curriculum development.
Curriculum Development in Nursing Education. Chapter 8 “Developing Philosphical Approaches and Formulating Curriculum Outcomes” pg 171-194
Chapter 10 “Course Design Process” pg 256-255
Chapter 12 “Planning Curriculum Evaluation” pg 279-308
Author Billings and Halstead Teaching in Nursing: A Guide For Faculty Chapter 28 “Educational Program Evaluation” pg 503-549
Giddens and Brady (2007) “Rescuing Nursing Education from Content Saturation: The Case for a Concept-Based Curriculum” from Journal of Nursing Education, vol 46, issue 2, pg 65-69
Authors Uchiyama and Radin, (2009) “Curriculum Mapping in Higher Education: A vehicle for Collaboration” from Innovative Higher Education, volume 33, issue 4, pg 271-280.
The National League for Nursing 2003 position statement, article Innovation in Nursing Education: A Call to Reform
*include a peer-reviewed journal (from US if possible)