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.Discuss the three main types of bonuses common in executive compensation. Please discuss in detail and provide examples of each type of bonus.
2.Compare and contrast the various multi-skill-based pay systems-the stair-step model, the skill blocks model, the job-point accrual method, and the cross-departamental model. Please discuss in detail and provide exemples.
3. A company of 15 employees has recently decided to overhaul its performance appraisal system. Explain which plan would be most appropriate for the company to adopt and why.
4. Discuss the concept of just -meaningful pay increase. How can it can strengthen the pay-for-performance link?
5. Discuss the importance of Title VII related to compensation, including disparate treatment and disparate impact.
6. Compare and contrast horizontal skills, vertical skills, and depth of skills.
7. Distinguish between the arithmetic mean, the median, the standard deviation, quartilhes, and percentiles. Provide exemples of each.
8. List and discuss in detail ways that a national culture influences a comapnys competitive strategy and compensation practice. Provide exemples of each