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1. Easter Island is an island off of the coast of South America. A once thriving society, it collapsed due to environmental mismanagement. Was their society sustainable? What could have been different? What can we learn from this?
A. This is a great discussion, yes the increasing human population and more “demands” on the environment lead to pressure to support and them and this contributed to its downfall.
Class, what is a carrying capacity? Do you feel Easter Islands population exceeded it’s carrying capacity?
2. Ecology is the study of organisms and how they interact in the environment. There are many things that can impact the organisms in the environments. Look around your area and outline some ecological changes that may have resulted from environmental issues. Are these positive changes or negative changes? What do you think?
A. XXX you have some very interesting observations about the weather, spring, pollen, air quality and impacts on human health in Metro Atlanta.
Class, what is smog? Is it experienced in the spring or in the summer? What conditions make worsen smog in the atmosphere?
What makes the pollen count in Atlanta to be so high unlike many other cities?