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Epidemiological Research Article
Assignment Criteria for the Paper:
1.Read the following article: Stotmeyer, E.S., Arnold, A. M., Boudreau, R. M., Ives, D.G., Cushman, M., Robbins, J. A., Harris, T. B., & Newmann, A.
B. (2010). Long-term retention of older adults in the cardiovascular health study: Implications for studies of the oldest old. The Journal American
Geriatrics Society, 58(4), 696-701.
2.Using epidemiological and biostatistical concepts, analyze the article according to the following critique questions, provide rationale
In which paragraph(s) of the study is the research problem stated? Does the study present a statement of purpose? Does the study specify a research
question? Is it well stated? Does the study report a hypothesis? Is the hypothesis directional or non-directional? Simple or complex? Was the
hypothesis tested?