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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various qualitative and quantitative research methods used in psychological research.
For this Assignment, you will write an annotated bibliography using a minimum of three different scholarly sources from the University Library (I can give you access to this OR send you the articles, whichever you prefer). To help you get started, you can use the different studies that are in Question #1 & 2. It is recommended that all of these articles be related to the topic that you will be doing your research proposal on: the articles annotated here can be those used as part of the background material in the research proposal. Be sure to choose actual scientific studies (not meta-analyses or literature reviews on a topic) that provide for a different perspective on your topic.
An annotated bibliography for research includes a listing of citations for each different source of information with each citation followed by a brief description of the study and a critical analysis of the research. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help the researcher make sense of the many conflicting and sometimes contradictory results. Most researchers group the different studies together by topic or themes in order to see if a particular pattern emerges. Hopefully, you will begin to see this in your bibliography.
Upon completion, an annotated bibliography helps the researcher gain an understanding of the entire body of research on a particular subject (i.e., not just one study). In other words, putting together an annotated bibliography helps the researcher to get a broader sense of the results of many different studies on the same subject. In addition, an idea of how the different studies connect to one another and the important themes that are related to a topic often emerge in this process. This is an important first step to take when attempting to develop quality research questions and hypotheses.
Assignment Directions
1. Select a minimum of three and no more than five different research reports on a relevant topic of interest in the field of psychology. Make sure that you are using scholarly sources in your bibliography (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles- I can get these for you, academic books, etc.). In addition, make sure that your sources are current (published within the last five years).
2. At the beginning of the Assignment, please include a statement (one or two sentences) indicating what topic or concept connects the articles summarized. The research question that you are considering would be an excellent thing to include here.
3. Start off each entry in the annotated bibliography with the full text citation for each study in boldface . Be sure to list the different sources in alphabetical order as one would do in a references section for a paper.