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Part 1: Evaluating Published Research (40% of Marks)
Choose an academic article and produce an academic review in which you analyse, criticise, and reflect on the paper, of no more than 1,000 words. The summary should include some definitions and preferably challenging research questions in the field. This task is of a secondary research nature.
It is your responsibility to choose an article from the following two high quality academic journals (not a professional journal, e.g. Management Today, The Economist?etc.). An important objective of the course is to sharpen your skills in evaluating other scholars’ research.
? Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
? Journal of Business Ethics
The article should be recent (published after January 1st, 2008) and preferably empirical in nature (that is having a section with data).
It will be worthwhile considering the following two points:
1- Review and summarise the paper. This should include some definitions and preferably challenging research questions in the field. It might be useful to choose a paper in a thematic area that you are familiar with or have a strong preference and interest in the academic work of other authors. Also, it will assist you in being critical (based on the additional reading) in analysing the paper. You are advised to use the references of the paper as a guide to do further reading which will develop your thinking on the main concepts discussed in the paper. As a result your analysis will be informed by the literature.
2- Critically review the paper evaluating its weaknesses and strengths. Also, you should analyse the paper and must suggest ways and opportunities of improving the paper, i.e. you should analyse, criticise, and reflect on the paper. Additional references might be included.
Part 2: Mini Report (60% of Marks)
Write a mini academic report in which you ?Critically Describe, Analyse and Reflect on the topic/subject of your chosen article (and NOT the article?.