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Evidence based practice research proposal

Length: 2,500 words
Read the following case and write a research proposal that addresses the question it poses.
You work in a public library in an area where the demographic is undergoing a rapid shift. Until recently your clients/patrons/users were all mainly middle class, literate, middle aged and retired people. For a number of reasons, from government policy to the increasing availability and construction of affordable housing in your neighborhood, there has been an influx of young people, young families and migrants from different language and cultural groups. How can you find out how your library can support these new arrivals?
Your task for this assessment
Imagine you are the staff member responsible for answering the question posed at the end of the case.
1. Write a research proposal to your senior manager that addresses the question related to the case you select.
2. In your proposal you must identify the issues related to the case and frame them as a research problem or question. In a real research proposal you would need to refer to the literature to do this. In this proposal you may just refer to the case.

3. Propose a way for the research to be conducted, by recommending:
a) a methodological approach,
b) a research method or research methods, and
c) data collection and analysis techniques.
4. Explain how you think the proposed research will shed light on the questions arising from the cases and benefit your workplace.
5. Justify your choices by referring to the appropriate research methods literature you have studied in this subject.
6. Discuss how this research may be disseminated and evaluated.
Marking criteria
Title & Abstract
(potential 5 marks) The title is informative, succinct, and offers relevant details about the research proposed.
Abstract provides a concise summary of the whole proposal, from introduction through conclusion, and clearly states the purpose of the study and significance.
• Background to the study
• Statement of the problem
• Significance of the study
• Purpose statement
• Research questions and/or hypotheses
(potential 7 marks) The introduction demonstrates excellent judgment in succinctly and clearly interpreting and transmitting complex information about the proposal problem, background to the study, significance of the study, purpose statement, and research questions/hypotheses.
Research design & procedures
• Research design
• Study population and sample
• Data collection techniques and instruments
• Data analysis techniques
• Mechanisms to assure the quality of the study
Justification via referral to the appropriate research methods literature.