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Comparison of Other Health Care Systems
After completing the lecture, readings and Frontline video, select a country OTHER THAN ONE REVIEWED IN THE FRONTLINE DOCUMENTARY or the US. Compare and contrast its healthcare system with what you know about the United States’ system and systems featured in the documentary. The selection of a developed country, one with some kind of national health coverage, is preferred.
You can draw information from your assigned articles, class lectures and outside sources (do use outside sources). Be sure to cite your sources, and put any direct quotes in quotation marks (linked to footnotes).
Your responses should be moderately brief; bullet points are more appropriate than an essay format. Present your findings in the format below.
GHSD 6030 Assignment 1 Chart
Student name:
1. Name of Country Used for Comparison:
Is there a particular reason that you selected this country?
2. Please highlight the central factors of the system (3-4 sentences each):
Coverage (who is covered, what is covered, what is not covered, etc.):