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You need to write a scientific paper offering a model for global systemic risk organized as follows:
Title, Author (and your affiliation), Keywords, Abstract, Introduction, Several easily identified, labeled sections based on your research, Data Analysis (souse required), graphic representation of the data (figures and tables), Analysis of the Result, Discussion, References (extremely important – need to be inserted in the paper where appropriate, and listed at the end of the paper), supplementary material.
In the paper you are required to:
1. Describe the problem to be solved or questions to be answered
2. Explain the concepts needed to understand this problem
3. Pull in and cite existing research having direct relation to your study (at least 15-20 citations need to be included in your paper)
4. Offer explanations of significant reason(s) for the latest financial crisis
5. Describe the effect of the crisis on many faucets of the society
6.Analyze important data for the last 20 years(1994 – 2013) such as relevant macroeconomic indicator (GDP growth, GDP as a percentage of Sovereign Debt, exports, imports, inflation, interest rates, etc.) for different countries, financial market data for these countries (major stock indices), currency trends, etc. (you need to comparatively analyze at least 3 countries)
7. Represent the analyzed data graphically, organize them in tables and plots and offer your own interpretation of the results
8. Perform statistical analysis of the data to show dependencies and/or causalities among different macroeconomic indicators. Use regression analysis with GDP growth as dependent variable and GDP as a percentage of a Sovereign Debt, exports, imports, inflation, interest rates as independent variables to test the explanatory power and statistical significance of the independent variables for GDP growth.
The paper should not exceed 15 pages, double spaced. The paper is to be prepared using the APA writing style and guideline for references format. They must contain a bibliograohy and all direct quotations and data sources must be properly cited.