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Mexico and the United States have deeply interrelated histories. This is of course a major theme in the history of the War on Drugs. At various points in his book, To Die in Mexico, John Gibler discusses that interrelationship, though as you will surely recognize, he doesn’t discuss the full extent of it. For this essay your assignment is to assess how well Gibler does with the history of this interrelationship and what that means for any of the major arguments he makes in his book.
For the first part of the essay, you must give a brief description of Gibler’s treatment of the U.S.-Mexico interrelationship in the history of the War on Drugs. Here you will simply be describing how Gibler deals with this question within his book. You should try and sum up his point of view and within that summary you should somehow answer the following questions: Does he think the interrelationship is important? Does he think that Mexico and the U.S. have played equal roles in the creation of Mexico’s recent drug-war events? What are the key pieces of evidence he cites to demonstrate that interrelationship? This should constitute no more than 50% of your essay.
For the remainder of the paper you must make your argument as to whether or not Gibler got it right. Here you should provide examples of any details he missed regarding this interrelationship and explain why you think the missing details are important or not. Your argument must draw upon the course readings we’ve done since paper #2 was assigned (i.e. starting with Himmelstein and Campos). You can also cite lecture if necessary, but most of your evidence should come from the readings.
Gibler definitely misses some key details, so you need to mention these. But it’s up to you to decide if these missing details are actually important to the story he’s trying to tell (i.e. had he known these details, would any of his arguments in To Die in Mexico have changed?)
General Requirements:
1) The paper must be 1000-1500 words (approx. 4-6 pages), typed, double spaced, 12-point font.
2) Evidence must be cited with the author’s name and the relevant page number(s).
3) Typos, misspellings, and anything of that nature will cause you to lose points!!! Your final paper should be free of simple mistakes of that kind.
4) I only want an electronic copy delivered through safe-assign on Blackboard.
5) FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE CAREFULLY AND ANSWER THE QUESTION ACCORDINGLY. This paper has specific requirements. If you don’t write the paper just how I ask you to write it, you will lose points.
6) Remember to work on improving in those areas I highlighted on your earlier papers. You may want to re-read the writing rules posted on Blackboard