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Description: Please assess your personal organizational and management fit. Please include the following in your analysis:
Describe the type of organization in which you will be the happiest and the most successful.
Describe the management style that will work best for you as a subordinate and as a manager.
Describe the potential problems with the type of organization and management style you are describing and explain how you will overcome them. Please be realistic and thorough in your assessment of how you will be successful in today’s competitive business environment.
Reflect on your professional goals, and explain how you will accomplish them within the organizational structure and management style that you have described.
In your write-up, please use at least ten terms from the textbook and/or discussed in class and place these terms in bold.
The write-up should be two to three pages in length. Please use APA guidelines for format and citation. For information about APA guidelines, use this website:
Please submit the completed assignment as a Microsoft Word document via Blackboard.
A sample APA formatted paper is attached so you can see how the paper should be formatted.
Above were the teachers instructions, now below are mine.
The source should be Management, 12th ed from Schermerhorn and it can be an online source except wikipedia.  Please use APA format to cite sources and book terms.