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Part II: SWOT Analysis
Perform a SWOT analysis for Harley-Davidson and include this information in Part II of your PowerPoint presentation.
Based on the internal analyses of the SWOT analysis; assess the functional areas, resources, capabilities, and strengths H-D possesses. Please be sure to cover the following functional areas in your assessment:
Marketing: New product development, integrated marketing planning, marketing communications, and building customer loyalty.
Operations: Quality, service, and consistent execution.
Human Resources: Hiring, training, developing talent, and performance planning. Avoided law suits and bad PR due to its hiring practices. Is ethical in its HR practices.
Executive Leadership: Industry knowledge and experience, vision about where the industry is heading, and strategy execution.
Supply Chain Optimization: Strategic sourcing of input, vendor management, integrated IS, and joint forecasting with suppliers.
Corporate Responsibility and Ethics: Concern for corporate citizenship and the environment. Present any potential ethical concerns as well.
Safety and Quality: How the motorcycle industry is dealing with safety and quality issues.