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popular parenting
1.Critical analysis of a parenting title or article: Examine how well a popular parenting title reflects the research on parenting, and write a five to seven page
paper. You may select one major area of development (social, emotional, cognitive, etc.) or specific advice on discipline options to examine in your discussion. If you
are unable to locate a parenting title, you may substitute two articles from one or more popular parenting Web sites.
2.Parenting experiences: Write a paper on your own experience as a parent, or with parents, using any of the concepts that we have or will be covering in this
course. Avoid submitting a paper that includes only personal experiences. You should make sure to include research and include references that support your personal
opinions and experiences on parenting.
3.Position paper: Write a five to seven page paper on a specific discussion theme that arises in class or topic outlined in our readings. The form of the paper
might be a position or recommendation paper, a critique or summary of the different views presented in class.