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Rhetorical analysis of an organizational website
In this project, you will carefully describe and analyze an organizational website, following the instructions below. “Organizational” means the website is published and represents a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, e.g. a company, an environmental or health organization, or an organization promoting awareness of some sort (e.g. air pollution, smoking, health, animal or human rights, etc.). In preparation for this assignment, please follow these steps:
1. Research the Internet for interesting websites. Look for websites that you feel are interesting to write about and where you see one or more purposes at work (e.g. promoting a product, creating awareness of something, selling services, promoting memberships, getting donations, etc.). Always ask these questions first: What does the website try to accomplish? What are the means that were used to accomplish these purpose(s)? Are there possibilities for the audience to interact? Who could be the audience?
2. Choose your website wisely. Make sure you have several candidates to choose from. Click through the links carefully and read texts. As you look for materials, bookmark interesting websites and details on websites, and make notes. Important: All websites need to use English as their primary language.
3. Outline your rhetorical analysis paper:
Briefly introduce the website you picked.
Your THESIS should answer the following question, in a single statement if possible: What is the purpose of the website, and in which ways does the website try to fulfil it?
Body Part:
The body part of your paper discusses the ways in which the website seeks to fulfill its goals. Here are some options:
? How are the contents arranged? What are the most striking features of the website? Why do you think were the contents arranged in this way?
? What visuals are used? Describe them. What kind of effect do the visuals have on the audience? Is the surrounding text supporting the visuals? How?
? What contents are delivered through text? What functions do the text items have?
? What interactive features are used on this website? Describe them. Do you think it is easy for the audience to interact with the website, and why? What do you think is the intended outcome of the interactive features?
? Is there information that you would expect on the topic, but that is not there?
Refer back to your thesis and summarize your findings briefly. Try to describe some of the implications of this website. Did you learn anything new analyzing it? Would you recommend the website? Why/ why not?
Works Cited: On a separate page, you will add your works-cited section. All the sources you used for this paper need to be properly documented. This, of course, includes the website you chose for this assignment.
4. Important: Make sure you document text and other materials you take from the website in an appropriate way. Avoid copying from the website!