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Sandra Bem
1). Describe the psychologist’s background. When was he/she born? When did he/she die (if applicable)? Where did he/she grow up? What was his or her family like? Did
he or she have any spouses or children?
2). Describe the psychologist’s education and educational experiences in psychology. What sort of degree did he or she receive and from where? Who did he or she work
with while in school? Did he or she have any relevant classmates or mentors? Describe any potential hurdles or struggles that this person encountered as a result of
discrimination in the field (may not be applicable to all psychologists)
3). Describe their contributions to the field of psychology – talk in depth about their work, any books written, published studies/experiments, etc. Did they come up
with a new concept/idea or did their studies enhance the work of others before them?
4). Summarize your findings and include anything else that might be relevant about your chosen psychologist. Include any fun and interesting facts or something that
makes this person very unique either as a psychologist or a person.
•The minimum number of sources required for this assignment is THREE.
•Be aware that plagiarism is unacceptable and the instructor has means to determine whether or not your work is your own.
•Assignments must be written in APA style. This means that your assignment must include APA formatted parenthetical documentation/citation throughout the text itself
(Daniels, 2008) for example, and end with a properly APA formatted References section listing all of the sources you used to write your assignment including your
textbook (if you used it), and all of your outside research you used in your paper.
– 2 full pages and the 3rd page is your list of referces. At least 3 referneces in the essay.