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Usually surveys contain one or more validated measures. Validated measures help us ensure that we are measuring what we want to measure.
Create an original discussion post where you identify a measure appropriate for your memo topic (Sexual harassment and assault within the military). Although you can change later, your measure should ideally be what you would use in the single subject design in your memo assignment. In your post, explain what the measure is and how it was validated. Read through all the questions on the measure and determine whether you think it has face validity for your client population.
In your peer responses, critique the measures your peers have chosen in terms of their appropriateness for the population and whether they are the best choices for the population.
Big Hint:
View the powerpoint on measures before starting and complete this post prior to finishing your memo draft.
Q: Where can I find a measure?
A: Start with the articles that you and your peers located in previous weeks. Check to see if any of those authors used a measure. Track down that measure. If none of those measures seem like a good fit, try googling for a measure. It can be a simple search like ‘validated measure happiness.’
Q: What if the measure I want requires that I buy it?
A: Some measures are public domain while others require you to purchase the measure. There is no need to purchase any measure. If you cannot find an actual copy of the measure, a description will be okay.