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Objective: You need to do a social media marketing campaign for the “Bright Star Yoghurt” Company.
In summary, this is what’s needed:
1. Identify and research the company target market. This could be employers, clients, customers, or influencers. Present key points that support your plan. You don’t need a detailed profile — rather, list critical insights that will help you plan and execute. This requires research.
2. Identify and analyze one competitor’s search and social media marketing. This requires research.
3. Set SMART goals.
4. Set Key Performance Indicators. Of course, you know not to say “engagement.” Be specific.
5. Set a schedule, both for the full campaign, and for each week.
6. Write a blog. Identify your keywords (number of searches and competition level) and explain your SEO strategy. You don’t have to publish your blog; just attach it to your paper.
7. Create a LinkedIn profile for yourself (even if you choose the company plan, you still need to promote yourself).
8. Create another social media account in English. Either Twitter or Facebook.
9. Bibliography of all sources used.
Detail of Assignment:
Please note that you need to produce a report but this has to be based on practical tasks integral to this assignment:
a) Analyze the company target market and competitors.
b) Create a plan for development of your personal digital profile or your company.
c) Create an optimised personal digital profile portfolio sufficient to apply for a job of your choice or to promote the company. This has to include 4 social media accounts (including LinkedIn and one other English-language platform of your choice) and one compulsory blog post.
Report structure:
1. Analysis:
This section consists of 2 parts:
1. Target Market Analysis. Conduct a Search and Social Media Marketing analysis for those key attributes that are desired by your target customers. This should include the keywords for main industry specific skills, key influencers and individuals who would make employment/purchasing decisions or help in your application/marketing process.
2. Competitor Analysis. Identify one of the company competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in their SSMM techniques. Based on your analysis develop personal objectives that will differentiate you from your competition.
This section can include a literature review (at least seven references to relevant academic or business research articles, reports and books) of latest thinking on keyword research methods, content marketing strategy, and social media influencers analysis methods.