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Project instructions:
Social Science 1000 9.0: Second Essay Assignment
Essay Topic:
Write an essay on the topic of ?social science and sexuality? and addressing ALL of the following questions:
? What have been the major claims and controversies, and what kinds of evidence have been used to support them?
? What have you learned about sexuality as a result of this undertaking?
? What have you learned about social science?
1. You need use 12 sources:
? I have provided 7 course readings plus their bibliography info. You must use these 7
? Plus, you need find 5 more scholarly sources beyond course materials and must be peer reviewed.
2. Use simple and clear language
3. Please try your best to get a high mark. This paper is critical for this semester.
LENGTH: Approximately 8-10 double-spaced pages (2000-2500 words)
WEIGHT: 20% of the grade for the course.
Essay will be evaluated on the clarity and analytic depth of your response. Please make sure you express yourself in sound, proper English, conveying your ideas as cogently and lucidly as possible. PROOFEAD YOUR PAPER CAREFULLY. It should include effective introductory and concluding paragraphs, and a clearly stated, consistently developed, and convincingly argued THESIS. Analytical balance, research quality, and the proper documentation of your sources are also VERY IMPOETANT.
Your essay must have a little page (no other covers of any kind), which includes your name and student number, the course title and number, your tutor?s name (spelled correctly), your tutorial number, the date of submission, and a title reflecting the main idea of the essay. The essay must be paginated. 1% penalty for each of these items not provided.