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The Expanding Role of the Journalist Proposal
Scenario: Initially created with little to differentiate it from its print counterpart, the website for The Jamesville Times remains tied to a standard-delivery template lacking integration of social media and new technology tools. As a new journalist at The Jamesville Times, you are drafting a proposal to the editor-in-chief to renovate the newspaper’s web presence that includes staff use of social media tools.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal to the editor-in-chief that calls for renovating The Jamesville Times’ web presence in the context of building and promoting readership.
Include the following:
•    An introduction discussing how notable practitioners in the field have approached and changed the roles of the journalist, resulting in improved journalism
•    A discussion of what aspects of the traditional roles of writers and reporters that staff are doing should remain unchanged
•    An overview of the role social media and new technology tools should now play in The Jamesville Times, and why a renovation should be implemented
•    How the use of these tools expands on the traditional roles of the journalist
•    New skills all staff journalists should now acquire, and why
•    How the renovation will build readership