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Write an essay in defense of a philosophical thesis related to any topic we have read about and discussed
throughout the semester. Your essay should include substantial discussion of at least four works: (i) one of
them from the readings during the second half of the semester, namely those that we did after, and
including, Camus; (ii) one of them from any of the readings we did during the semester; (iii) two additional
philosophical books or peer reviewed essays that were not on our reading list. In addition to these four
works, you may also include discussion of additional articles, works of fiction, films, etc. that are relevant
to your paper.
Your paper should be about 8 pages, double-spaced, with standard font size (11 or 12 pts) and margins (1-
1.25 in).
#1 Richard Taylor ” The meaning of life”
#2 Susan Wolf, Meaning in Life and Why it Matters, 1-33
For the other two sources that the instructions ask to have, you can choose them, just make sure they are philosophical essays or articles and that they relate to the topic of what the meaning of life is.