Top Colleges In USA

This is a list is borrowed from a list of top universities and colleges in America.
1. Williams College —–Massachusetts.
2. Stanford University —-California.
3. Swarthmore College—–Pennsylvania.
4. Princeton University—-New Jersey
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology——-Massachusetts
6. Yale University- ——-Connecticut
7.Harvard University——–Massachusetts
8.Pomona College————California
9.United States Military Academy———–New York
10.Amherst College———-Massachusetts
11.Haverford College——-Pennsylvania
12.University of Pennsylvania———-Pennsylvania
13.Brown University———-Rhode Island
14.Bowdoin College———–Maine
15.Wesleyan University———-Connecticut
16.Carleton College————Minnesota
17.University of Notre Dame—————-Indiana
18.Dartmouth College—————New Hampshire
19.Northwestern University————–Illinois
20. Columbia University———New York
For a detailed list visit US government Scorecard website. They provide a full list of our American colleges and their respective scores.

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