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United Arab Emirates healthcare system
Respond to the following questions in your brief project report. This assignment is due by Week 5. Refer to the course assessment document and the handout that I posted on the VLE (i.e., Guidelines for Assessment 2) for the format of your report and page and typeface restrictions.
Several studies have been conducted in the literature about cross-national income elasticities of demand. Please answer the following questions using both applicable economic concepts from our class and empirical evidence from the literature:
• Briefly define income elasticity of demand.
• can we conclude from the empirical evidence about the income elasticities of demand for health care services across countries?
• Do you believe better health care is available in the United Arab Emirates than in other developed nations? What indicators would you use to support your answer?
Guidelines for Assessment 2
Your project report should be no more than 1500 words in length and 1 page of figures, graphs, and/or tables as an appendix. Please use 2.5 cm margins, 1.5 line spacing, and 12-point Times New Roman. Include the name of the topic on the top of the first page. Report your name, the date, and the course number on the first page after the topic title and assignment type and number. Rubric # 2: Project Report (see the course assessment document) will be used to evaluate your reports. Total marks will be 20 and the weight will be 20%. Your report should have the following sections:
Statement of the problem and brief statement of response (this section can be called Introduction, or can be unlabelled). The purpose of this short section is similar to that of an abstract on a journal article – it is a very brief summary.
Background. This section reviews the topic/issue and any literature reviewed. Be sure to appropriately document the use of sources, including web sites. Use a consistent format for citations based on the APA style.
Analysis. This section shows what you did to respond to the assigned topic/issue. It may include tables, graphs, or figures. These can be on the same page or at the end of the report as an appendix; just be sure to clearly label everything. The analysis may be quantitative or may include some discussion of subjective factors.
Recommendation. This section gives your recommendation to adequately address the topic/issue. This should repeat what was said briefly at the beginning, but here you will give more details and include limitations of your recommendations.
References. You are asked to use the APA style of referencing for this assignment.
Supporting documents. You might wish to give the main results in the text of the report, and then have more detail in a separate section at the end of the report as appendix.
Generally, not all sources are equally valuable. Recognizing this, what are the best sources for health economics, and how do you find them? It is usually a good idea to search multiple databases. I expect that you will be using at least some of the electronic databases (e.g., MEDLINE, ERIC, Lexis Nexis, and PsychINFO) that we have at the HBMeU library.
You are required to use a minimum of 4 (four) scholarly references in your report. The journals to focus on are the ones with more serious content- not trade magazines such as Modern Healthcare. The trade magazines are more news-oriented, and rarely go into any detail on a topic. Some good places to look include: Health Affairs, Health Services Research, Inquiry, Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Heath, Journal of Health Economics, Topics in Health Care Financing, and Medical Care.