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Use Prompt: Silver Sparrow, Tayari Jones
Are Chaurisse and Dana “sympathetic” or “unsympathetic,” characters, or possibly both?
Use your MLA stationery
Two thesis points and four paragraphs
Word Count = at least 750 but no more than 800
Your analysis should span the entire novel.
Given your choice of topic for the Project 2 Silver Sparrow essay, you may expand the topic to cover the entire novel. (A simple re-write of your first essay is not allowed. Remember, Turnitin has your first essay in its library and will “report” non-original text, which is what your first essay will be to Turnitin.)
Otherwise, choose a new topic, possibly from those below,that will allow you to address the entire novel.
A secondary source is required. The secondary source should be an analysis of the novel published by another scholar. Remember, the secondary source must be introduced in your essay by name of author, title, and date of publication. The secondary source must also have a parenthetical reference. We will talk about this in class.
The database Literature Resource Center, found on the Library’s Web site, is one secondary-source possibility.
Both the novel and the secondary source must be listed in the Works Cited.