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Paper instructions:
** Read the order and bid accordingly. ** You must be a native North American English speaker with at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University. I am a North American so your English grammar and comprehension needs to be perfect and culturally correct.* **BEFORE I chose any writer I will need to test your writing and comprehension skills. You will need to come up with a Thesis statement that argues 3 points based on my topic**I will be providing the 10 academic sources which you need to create two original from scratch documents. The 10 sources for Part I and II are the SAME. I require the following: Part I – An Annotated bibliography 3+ pages with 10 sources and Thesis Statement. The THESIS must argue at least 3 points.* Part 2 – A 10 page Argumentative essay in APA format not including 1 Title Page & 1+ Reference Pages (however many it takes to list the 10 sources).** Again, the 10 sources for the Annotated Bibliography and the Paper are the SAME** I’m including the Rubric or grading standards for both the A.B and the Argumentative Paper If you can’t complete the task on time or ahead of time do NOT bid