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Topic: 4. What is the relationship between successful democracy and welfare state development?
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Essays should have depth of reading, quality of argument, use of data and evidence, logic of structure, appropriate and accurate use of sources, proper referencing, clarity of expression and ability to engage the interest of the reader.

Students are encouraged to develop their own essay question. three reference to be used from our brick, the sources are as follows:
1. Durant, J. (1999) Participatory technology assessment and the democratic model of the public understanding of science, science and the public policy, vol 26. no.5
2. Fischer, F (1999) Technological deliberation in a democratic society: the case for participatory inquiry, Science and Public policy, vol. 26, no.5.
3. Stoker, G (2006) why politics matter:making democracy work, pp. 126-130
4. Scholte, J (2000) Globalization and (un)democracy, Chapter 11,
5. Amartyn Sen, 1999, Democracy as a universal value. journal of democracy.