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Write a play(10-pages, double-spaced) in which proponents of two distinct religious traditions are in dialogue with one another about their respective traditions. In this Capstone Project, you must represent a different religious tradition than that reported on in previous assignments.
Your play must portray:
One of the characters in the dialogue will represent a different religious tradition than your own.
The second dialogue partner will represent your own religious tradition.
If you are not religious, then that dialogue partner will represent a non-religious person.
Important Note The play should not represent a triumphalist position, whether Christian or otherwise.
You will be graded on your ability to sympathetically construct a character, who is a believable practitioner of another religious tradition besides your own, as well as to create a well-thought-out, believable character who represents your own tradition. (See additional grading criteria below)
Your play should adhere to the following guidelines
Avoid one-upmanship and discourse that creates one character having “power over” the other
Avoid an apologetic tone
Look for areas of confluence, agreement, and shared values and include those in the dialogue
How You Will Be Evaluated
Please refer to the Style and Grammar Expectations (opens in a new window) for all written assignments
See Paper Grading Rubric and Paper Guidelines in the Syllabus for more detailed Grammar and Style Expectations. You will be graded on how carefully you adhere to them.