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You are the assistant city manager for Prairie Hills, a small city in central Nebraska. In an effort to increase holiday sales to residents from surrounding communities, the city manager has decided to advertise Prairie Hills’ downtown shops as a “Christmas Extravaganza” and to put up Christmas decorations on the entrance to the city and on public rights-of-way from the entrance all the way to the downtown business district. These decorations will include snowmen, Santa figures, holly wreaths, crosses, nativity scenes, Christmas trees, bells, reindeer, ribbons, lights, and amplified Christmas carols broadcast from speakers placed on light poles. He also intends to place decorations inside and on the grounds of the Prairie Hills City Hall building. To pay for this effort, he plans to use funds that were voluntarily contributed by the businesses in the downtown shopping district. When he told you of his plans, you indicated that you had some concerns. In response, he asked you to write a memorandum explaining your opinion and making a recommendation about what can be done, legally, to promote the city as a Christmas shopping destination.