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You will be writing a research paper relating to an economic topic or current economic event in microeconomics. The research paper will be due in Workshop Five. The essay should be between 5-6 pages in length (excluding any cover pages, bibliography, works cited, or endnotes pages), double-spaced, and in APA format.
The purpose of the research paper is for you to employ economic concepts (scarcity, opportunity cost, comparative advantage, supply and demand, price signals, diminishing returns, marginal utility, competition, monopoly, labor markets, income distribution, externalities, public goods, and many others) in a practical way to a business or social issue, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The research paper should clearly incorporate the economic analysis and topics of discussion covered in both the textbook and the workshops (as they pertain to the topic of research). You should attempt to see business and social issues through the lens of economic logic. The conclusions should reflect a deeper economic way of thinking.
Dividing the paper into six specific sections as follows:
Introduction: Topic, statement of problem to be discussed.
Objectives: Thesis statement, what is the goal of the essay?
Method: The research method used: case study, books and newspaper or magazine articles, personal statistical research, or previously conducted statistical surveys.
Findings and Observations: Data, facts ascertained, what did you discover?
Conclusions: Interpretation, analysis of findings, arguments, personal comments and your informed opinions.
Documentation: works cited, reference page.
Sections 1, 2, and 3 (Introduction, Objectives, and Method) should not consume more than one to two pages of the final draft. The bulk of the research and writing should be concentrated in the fourth and fifth sections where discussion should occur, evaluation of theories should be conducted, and conclusions may be drawn.
An outline draft of sections one through four is due in Workshop Three.
You will be completing a research project for this assignment. Primarily utilize Off Campus Library Services(OCLS) for your research.
Decide on a topic and begin organizing your research paper as soon as possible.
Explore sources of information. Keep in mind that professional, peer reviewed journals are preferred for academic papers.
By the close of this workshop, a good benchmark of your progress will be to have a topic and some preliminary research completed./li>
You will be submitting an initial draft of parts of your paper in Workshop Three. Keep this in mind as you plan your work.
There is no submission for this assignment due in Workshop One.